Engagement. Employment. Empowerment.


Engagement. Employment. Empowerment.


JCI EC 2020

Pre Conference Training Courses

Training courses will take place on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th May 2020. The price per course is €30 + VAT at 23%, which cover two days of training. Please note that lunch is not included in the cost. 

Train-the-Trainer Course

Train-the-Trainer creates a unique learning experience where participants engage and influence their own skill development through group exercises, interactive demonstrations, and immediately useful strategies to provide learning opportunities in training. The goal of the course is to enhance the training skills of participants and provide them with the necessary techniques required to effectively engage learners and move them forward on their educational journey.


  • Introduction
  • Facilitation vs. Presentation
  • Audience Centered Approach
  • ADDIE: Models of Instructional Design
  • Setting Objectives: Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Designing Content Efficiently
  • Learning Methodologies
  • Methodology and Design: Introducing New Knowledge
  • Performance: Opening a Training with POWER
  • Performance: Facilitator Presence
  • Creating Engagement
  • Facilitating Deeper Engagement
  • Supporting Learning: Providing Coaching and Feedback
  • Managing Unexpected Situations
  • Demonstration of Training and Feedback

Facilitator Course

Facilitator creates a unique learning experience where participants engage and influence their own learning through the exploration of progressive facilitation models. This journey begins with an interactive demonstration of core techniques required to facilitate learning in a variety of contexts. Participants will then explore best practices for effective facilitation through group exercises, and conclude with the opportunity to practice their own version of facilitation using “The Journey” presentation.